Christmas Wreath Scroll Banner

Looking for a easy and simple way to embellish your Christmas wreath? Add a banner with a few materials to make it. 
Materials: (4-6) Paper clips, Spool of wire ribbon (burlap if prefer), Scissors, and Sharpie paint (oil based) pen. All material was purchased from Michael’s Craft store.
First, take your spool of ribbon and measure the area you will write your greeting across your wreath. 
Next, you need to leave at least 2-2.5” inches of extra ribbon (each end) to create a scroll end for the ribbon. 
Then, use the scissors to cut ribbon. Using the Sharpie oil based black marker. Faux calligraphy or hand lettering your favorite greeting or word. I choose to write the word “Welcome” for example. *Recommend placing a blank piece of paper to protect the surface while writing on burlap.
At the end of the ribbon you want to roll fold to create the end of a scroll banner look. This will be easy to do since you’re using wire ribbon, which will start to form as you roll fold. 
Use the paper clips to hold the scroll in place. You will need about two paper clips for each end of the ribbon (scroll). The remaining paper clips you can use to attach your ribbon scroll to the wreath. If need a safe secure hold on wreath use more paper clips. 
A simple and fun way at decorating your outdoor or Christmas wreath. 
Happy Holidays to you & your family,

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