The Negotiator: Quality vs. Value

AnetriaJanuary 25, 2017

Everyone likes a good deal right? I know I do, if I see something I really like and it’s on sale I’m grabbing it. Never pass up a good deal. Ok, so what if you see something that’s not on sale? Do you pass it up or do you browse around to see if you can get that same product for a better deal? What if the product is high quality? Would this still persuade you in anyway to buy the product? More than likely, I would consider the quality of a product worth buying before I purchase it. Overall, I’m interested in more than just the price alone. So, what if you see an item priced the same, but the quality has been reviewed not the best? Would you still be persuaded to buy it? Probably, not! We all can agree the most important things we consider before we make a purchase is the product worthy and the price. No one wants a good deal over low quality. It’s not fair to the customer to spend their money on a product that will serve them no use in the long run.

This is how I think as a business owner. I place myself in my customers shoes. Are my products worth buying and also is the quality worth it. I take this into account because if I was a customer buying my own products these would be the questions that would raise flags for me. Let me share this brief story between a distributor I purchased products from in the past. I will not mention their name because it would not be fair to their business. However, I will share with you my perspective as a customer. So I was in search of some gift bags for my business. I found this online distributor and decided to make a purchase. Prior to my purchase I browse the details and description of the item. I liked the price of course and the quality of brand. Everything looked as it should and I was very comfortable with moving forward with my purchase. I was very confident in my selection and purchased it. Until, I received my product a few days later. I notice once I received and opened the box the item was shipped in. All the confidence I thought I had knowing I made the right decision suddenly faded away. I was displeased with the product. The quality did not look as it was described online. Right away I thought I cannot resale this item in my store. If I was a customer and I notice the quality did not value the price then the product is not worth it. This is what I meant placing myself in my customer shoes. I responded professionally to the distributor that I would be returning the items and so I did. All funds were refunded back to me because I notified the distributor very quickly per their return policy. With that said, I could not accept the product and resale it knowing that I wasn’t please with the product. It isn’t fair to me or my customers.

This is so important when it comes to your business especially — online business. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me I’ve been a customer many of times. The reason why this is important as an online business owner because the customer is trusting in your business to service them with not only excellent service, but also the products you supply. It can be very challenging to persuade a online customer to purchase something from you verses a customer buying a product in store. I always feel like online businesses have to market or challenged to make sales. Why because there are so many scams or not so good products surfacing on the internet these days it’s hard to determine who to trust and not. I honestly, wish I can place a BBB rating icon on my website. I always look for the BBB because their trusted in determining who offers excellent customer services in their business.

As a small business owner my goal is to always offer excellent customer services and making sure my products also reflect that as well. I always consider my services, my products and their value. So when I price my products not only by their quality, but also my time. Time plays a major factor in the quality of my work. I am a maker of handmade products and it requires a lot of my time to design or do the work. I allot more than enough time into my business. My husband can voucher for me because he knows I put a lot of “man hours” into my business from sun up to down. I love what I do and I enjoy it as well. My business helps my family in many ways and this is one of the main driven reason why I do it. I thank all my customers for trusting in me to deliver and offer them the best in my services. My business would not be where it is today without the feedback I have received in response to their business experience.

So, on to the negotiator. I’m calling him “the negotiator” because he’s coming around more frequently now. So who is he? Well I don’t know him personally, but I can tell you what he will do if you are a business owner. The negotiator is a deal breaker. He always looks for the best bargains and lures you into offers that look like a sweet deal, but may not be sweet after all. Now, not all negotiators are bad, but their particular ones you want to be mindful of if he comes your way. I’m going to discuss the one who’s been coming to my business. The “price negotiator”, he will offer you a price not so sweet and try to sweep you off your feet. So, I’ve had him come around a few times this month. Let say someone notices your products and tries to offer you a deal saying, “Can I buy this quantity for this price?” When or when not to negotiate? Never allow the “price negotiator” to set you a price deal. Why? Because you know the value of your products and the time you have labored to create them. Do not allow the “PN” to discredit you. I personally, take it that way because if you were to calculate the amount of time you put into designing, the supplies that were required, and just overall your services you should not lower or underprice yourself for your hard work. I actually had one “PN” tried to discount my prices because my prices were not in their budget. So, the “PN” tried to offer me a deal (-$1) off my product. Did I personally take offense? Yes, I did. Why because I value my work and have a lot of passion behind it. You never price your products around the “PN” budget. It’s not fair to you to supply excellent services and not benefit from it.

So, is it okay to negotiate? Yes! Their is nothing wrong with negotiating a deal, but do it where it’s fair to you. What do I mean? You run the business, your the entrepreneur so if you decide one day you want to offer a deal to your customers. Make sure your setting the value of your products considering all the details. I hope this information. Is helpful for you and your business. Please share or tell me how this information helped you.


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