Best Day Ever: Unity between Christ and the Church

AnetriaApril 30, 2017

Today, well early this morning me and my Husband attended a marriage conference at our church this morning (almost a full day). By the way, which was awesome of course. We attended two workshops, during the conference. One about finances the other about the marriage bed. I’m so glad we took the time out of our weekend to attend. Marriages are under attack these days and we forget who the real enemy is… and it’s not our spouse. There is a spiritual warfare between good and evil. Marriage symbolizes God’s ultimate glory and divine purpose. Unity, between Christ and the church.

Back to the conference, so many younger and older married couples deal with trial and tribulations, day to day. We have to guard our hearts, our homes and our families. So many homes are broken because the enemy has been allowed in. And so many married couples are blinded by his tactics we are so quick to point the finger and blame our spouse. It’s not them, it’s you. Take a moment to think back to the day you met your spouse at the alter. Do you remember your vows? You made a vow before God to honor and respect your spouse. You selflessly took a stand before God to love and honor your wife/husband. Our love is broken and imperfect, but God love is whole and holy. When you stood at the alter, you died to yourself and picked up your cross. That day forward, you became one in God’s love. Which also means, you don’t live in your former ways as you did when you were single. You are one with your spouse. God designed a perfect divine order and foundation for marriage. A lot of us haven’t been walking it as we thought we have been. I can be honest with you all, I haven’t walked the road very smoothly in my marriage. But, what I realized today me and my Husband have made progress to build a godly marriage in our home. We communicate better and are a lot more patience with one another. We have learned if we have a disagreement to be slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen. (James 1:19) Neither one of us in our past have seen the examples of a godly marriage in our former households. The road isn’t easy, and its not going to be. You and your spouse will have obstacles to endure or go through but y’all are not alone.

We can pretend that we have the perfect marriage or post pictures on social media reflecting the good. But, none of those pictures reflect what struggles we are going through with our spouse. There are so many avenues for Satan (the enemy) to find is way in our marriages. Some examples, are technology (social media), work relationships, or even so close, a friend or family member. I will later share what I meant by relationships (family & friends) in a later blog. What I am here to encourage you is to stay guarded. Guard your marriage, there are so many resources and tools we have if we take the time to just put our shame aside and seek help. Divorce doesn’t have to be a option it’s a choice. Don’t fight with your spouse, fight on your knees. Seek counsel in the word of God and find a accountability couple you and your spouse can discuss or share personal issues with for godly advice. If you want to experience marriage the way it was designed to be, you can no longer do it your way. The tools to have a flourish marriage was designed by God. Seek his kingdom first. (Matt. 6:33)

Marriage prayer:

(My wedding prayer)
Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for this beautiful day. You have fulfilled the desire of our hearts to be together in this life.

We pray that your blessing will always rest upon our home; that joy, peace and contentment would dwell within us as we live together in unity, and that all who enter our home may experience the strength of your love.

Father, help us to follow and serve you with an ever growing commitment because of our union. Guide us into greater love and sacrifice as we care for each other’s needs, knowing you will care for us. May we always be as keenly aware of your presence as we sense it today on our wedding day. And may our devotion in marriage be a radiant reflection of your love for us.

In the name of Jesus, our Savior, we pray.



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