6 Ways To Stay Encouraged When Things Get Tough

AnetriaMay 8, 2018

Staying encouraged during difficult times and hardships is needed just like any regular day. If you’re in a good mood one day and not the next staying encouraged is essential to having a healthy mindset. So much tragedy and chaos is happening in our world today. And we need to be reminded how life is important. YOU matter!  You were not created by mistake, you have a purpose and there are wonderful reasons “why” you are here today! Keeping a strong mindset and taking care of yourself is essential to staying encouraged. I’ve listed 6 ways to Stay Encouraged When Things Get Tough.


1. Self-care

Taking care of yourself is so important to having a heathy, mindset and lifestyle. I find it important to rest at times when things get a little overwhelming. You know how you put so much work or focus into something and it drains the life out of you. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve been there so many times before and I’ve learned to corporate time away when things become too much to bare. Resting also helps you to relax and take time to refocus your attention away from work. Some other self-care task you can do is take a vacation, pampering yourself, or spending free time alone.


2. Remember your “Why?”

One of the most important things to remember is “why” you did it! I was reading a book a few months ago by Christy Wright, Business Boutique and she said something so profound, “Remember your why?” Why did you start? Why do you love what you do? Why is this so important to you? Your why? See how motivating it is to keep our focus on why when we start something it keeps us align with our goals to accomplish. I know I get sidetrack every now then because I’m a over-thinker. I tend to look at the outside of things, but have to shift my focus on the real reason of why I started. Knowing your why is so important especially when running a business. You have to set goals, you give yourself a timeline when to meet those goals, and you have a purpose why you want to achieve them.

3. Keep track of you accomplishments

No matter how small or big the victory is it’s still a win!  It’s always important to keep track of your accomplishments because you can view them and it shows you that hard work dose pay off. If you aren’t’ keeping track of your accomplishments then you will never learn how far you’ve come. Here is an idea on how to keep track of your accomplishments. Make a list of your goals you want to obtain, set a date or deadline, and as you meet each goal scratch them off your list or check them off. Doing this keeps you focus and encouraged to keep pushing yourself each time you meet one goal you can move forward to the next one.

4. Practice Gratitude

Your attitude determines your altitude. Keeping a positive attitude enables you to make a difference because you see the good in the things you are doing. Remember when I mentioned being healthy includes having a healthy mindset and lifestyle. The way you think can determine the direction for your life. Your attitude is one the most powerful factors in your life. If you think negative you get negative results. If you think positive, you have clear thinking and your performance is better because you have a positive outlook. What you feed or the words you speak to yourself both have an influence as well. Reading inspirational quotes or scriptures are some ways of practicing gratitude. I always find writing inspirational quotes or scriptures to help me stay encouraged.

4. Surround yourself with people who are like sunshine! Stay encouraged!

The people we surround ourselves with shows us more than we know about who were are as a person. Surround yourself with people who are like sunshine! Meaning people who are supportive. Having a support group is very important to staying encouraged. You want to surround yourself with people who give off good “energy”. People who enlightened you. Who inspire you. And who cheer you on when life lows hit. Positive energy! If you have someone that you can share information with that you know you can trust them with the information you share with them. These are the people who are light bearers. People who no matter what you’re going through are hear to listen. That’s all someone ever needs is for us to hear us out. Someone we can comfortably open up to or relate to. Surround yourself with people who give off light, not darkness.


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5. Read Scripture or Quotes

I find it very helpful to open up my bible, read it and study scripture. I am a believer in God’s Word. My faith is my stronghold at all times. Looking towards scripture for words of encouragement is what keeps me encouraged. There are resources like the Bible App called YouVersion you can download on to your phone to quickly find a scripture. Right at the palm of your hands. They have some amazing bible study plans for all sorts of life situations. Nothing you really have to commit to if you miss a day or two. You can also go back and catch up! You can also start a reading plan with your friends or family to participate. It’s sort of like a Bible study group online where you can share your insight with your friends or family. I also like reading Crosswalk which is a article based Christian website that shares content relating to all human struggles whether it be finances, relationships, addictions, current events and more.

Quotes are another form of encouragement you can find on Pinterest. Good words lift spirits, right? I’m always pinning quotes when I’m on Pinterest. I enjoy lettering quotes when I share them on Instagram. If you enjoy inspirational, motivational, spiritual, or self-affirmations you can follow my board named “Affirmations + Quotes” that contains over 1000+ quotes pinned. Find my board here.

6. Journaling

If you’re anything like me, I have a hard time expressing myself verbally. So instead, I pick up a pen and paper and write my thoughts down. It’s so helpful, to write things out. If you rather not write, you can record your thoughts or type them out on your computer.

You were not built to hold toxic. Yes, I said it! If something is bothering you eternally, it’s healthy for your sanity and well-being to release what ever is bearing heavy on your heart. If you don’t get rid of toxic thoughts or feelings they will manifest inside of you they will eventually become a snowball effect. To heavy to bare which can lead to destruction. Trust, me when I say it becomes so overwhelming that it can possibly turn into depression. It can also fill into your relationships with others. It’s not a healthy feeling at all. You have to let go, and move on. If you cannot express or talk it out with someone you can trust. Just write those thoughts down on paper.

But healing begins when you release those toxic thoughts, forgiving those who have wrong you. Yes, forgiving those who do not deserve it. But forgiveness is not for them, its’ for YOU! You can only remove forward by letting go of those who have hurt you or wrong you by forgiving them. It’s a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. Then, start again and write about good things about who you are as a person. Don’t write what you lack or cannot do. Now it’s time to retain your thoughts into positive and encouraging words. Write down 10 positive things about yourself. Read them. Hold on to those positive things. Journaling is another way of encouraging yourself.

Let me know how you stay encouraged? Which one is your favorite to stay encouraged?


With love & purpose,


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