How To Create IPad Lettering Shadow Effect

AnetriaMay 30, 2018

You must have iPad Pro, Apple Pencil + Procreate app for this technique.

Okay, some of you iPad Lettering guru’s may already know this technique, but I’m sharing this for the newbies to the digital iPad lettering world. Please follow the steps below on How To Create iPad Lettering Shadow Effect.

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First, starting with a blank canvas in Procreate app.


Next, you should only have Layer 1 showing under your layers icon.




Select your favorite Procreate brush you would like to use for this technique. I’m using a custom brush I designed called Metallic Brush. You can find it here.




Select the Palettes icon and choose your favorite color to use.





Next, write the word SHADOW





Next, click the Layers icon, select Layer 1 and swipe left using your Apple Pencil to duplicate Layer 1.



Now you see two layers 1. You want to select layer two by tapping your iPad with your Apple Pencil and a vertical box will appear. **Note to remember the closes layer to your background color will always be Layer 1 unless you reorder your layers.



In this case, you will select the bottom layer closes to background color. Tap the layer, select “Rename” and your iPad keyboard will pop up. Type Layer 2.




Now you should have Layer 1 and Layer 2, with Layer 2 being the closes layer to your Background color.




Next, select the Adjustments tool which is located at the top left between the Actions icon and Freehand icon.




You will select “Opacity”. Opacity is how were going to make Layer 2 transparent to give a shadow effect to the word Shadow.



Back to your Layers, you will need to deselect Layer 1.





Select the Adjustment tool, select Opacity and using the tip of your Apple Pencil touch your iPad screen and move your AP to the left to adjust the opacity level. As shown in the video example below.




Now here is the FUN part. Let’s add some color to Layer 2.

Select your Palettes icon, choose a different color and drag + drop the color on to each letter on Layer 2.



Using your Apple Pencil, tap the color and color will appear in circle in the right corner of your screen. Then press and hold the color as you drag it to the letter until it drops fills the each letter, per color.



Hold, drag and drop



See how colorful the word shadow appears.

Go back to Layers, check on the box on Layer 1 for it to appear.




Make sure under Layers, Layer 2 is highlighted. Using the Freehand tool, which looks like a pointed arrow.  You want to glide your Apple Pencil tip slightly either to the left or right and you should see the the transparent word of shadow.




If Layer 1 appears too lighter or transparent with Layer 2. Duplicate Layer 1 again so it will appear darker than Layer 2 (transparent layer).



If Layer 2 (rainbow color) appears to light you can go back to Actions tool and increase the Opacity to make it darker.

You will have a duplicate layer of Layer 1, you can merge both layers together. You can also merge all Layers together once you made all of your adjustments into 1 layer. You can pinch layers together to form one Layer.



Pinch Layers to merge Layers together as one.


And this is how your create a shadow effect using Procreate App on iPad Pro.



Please let me know if this information was helpful in any way. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.


With love and purpose,







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