12 Helpful Tips To Get Sales On Etsy

AnetriaJune 2, 2018

If there is one thing that I have discovered about owning a Etsy store is you need to know all the rules to getting found on there before you open your shop. It doesn’t matter how many products you have online or how perfect your images look (which is very important I must note, not perfect but good enough) there are some important factors you need to set up or make sure you have in place to widen your search results with Etsy. So you’ve heard of the thing called algorithm. I know it’s scary right, just thinking about it! We all hate it by the way so you’re not alone. It’s pretty much everywhere, on social media these days. But, if I can share with you some tweaks you will need to do to increase you chances of getting discovered on Etsy, some helpful information so you can start making money in your shop. Are you ready? Get your notepad and pen or just re-pin the image below so you can come back to this post.

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FAQs for Etsy Shop Owners

Q. “Why is it so hard for me to get found on Etsy?”

A: Remember, I mentioned that scary word, algorithm. Yep, that’s pretty much what it is. If you are not very family about SEO when it comes to the online world, then you maybe missing out on a lot of info that you need to know, especially if you want to get found. Whether it is your blog webpage, Etsy, or any public information that you have released on the internet to generate traffic.

Q. “What is SEO?”

A: First, SEO stands for Short Engine Optimization. SEO is basically is a process affecting the visibility of your webpage or website to get found on the internet. All the major search engines you are familiar with such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing ranked webpages, videos, images, or local listings based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved as you see where some businesses will pay for their websites or ads to get noticed.

Q: “Why you should I know or learn more about SEO?”

A: Is because it’s how your products will get found on Etsy. You want to make sure you have all the rules in place and maximize all your chances of getting your products in the face of potential buyers.

Q. “So how does SEO or the search engine work on Etsy?”

A: Just like all your popular search engines, what do you normally do when you are searching on the internet for something. You use keywords! Oh yeah, duh! Right! Same rule applies to Etsy search engine. That’s how SEO works, when you search for something on Google,  you are more than likely going to look for it by keywords. These are the same keywords you should have included in your Title for each product listing. Making sure all your products are listed with popular search terms or keywords is the ultimate way of having your products ranked and found on Etsy.

Now does that sound like an essential marketing strategy? Of course, but there is more you should know.

Now to make this a little easier the breakdown of what information you need to know to get your Etsy shop found,

1. Keywords

There goes that word again. It’s so important to find the right keywords and know which ones are hits when it come to the Etsy market. An easy way to discover what those keywords are is through trial and error. Here is one easy way to find out what popular keywords you can use in your titles for your product listings. If you go to Etsy search at the top left corner of your screen and enter the keyword “gifts”. You will notice in the screenshot below the keyword “gifts” has over 12 million products listed on Etsy. Yikes! That simply means that the listings you find under the following keyword “gifts” there are over 12 million products that can be found under this keyword. You will also notice that Etsy allows you to narrow your search specifically to fit your preference. If you’re looking for “gifts” for a women, mom, friends, men, and so on. You can simply click one of the following and it will narrow your search down even more.


Etsy Search Engine


So if I were to click on “gifts for mom” Etsy will filter my search to list only products that “gifts for mom”. Now there are only 787 thousand gifts for mom that Etsy has found. You can see that you can narrow your search even more by the suggested keywords Etsy has listed “gifts for mom from daughter” or “gifts for mom birthday.



Etsy will also suggest you some popular search term keywords by just typing one word into their search engine as shown below.


Another great tool to compare keywords is a website called “Etsy Rank

Etsy Rank is such a user-friendly tool because it will grade you on your listings on based on the keywords you used and other tips to help get your products found on Etsy. In order to use Etsy Rank you have to register and create an account. Once you login you will have access to all the free features that are available. Below are screenshots of Etsy Rank.



Dashboard View


Keyword Tool


Related Tags


Top Listings (Competitors)


It’s a very helpful tool to use for active listings you have on Etsy from spelling issues, missing tags, missing images, missing attributes, total views, prices, daily views and it also shows you where your competitors rank at and keywords they are using which is helpful to you as well.

2. Titles

Piggy back on everything I mentioned above, your title for your products are also defined as keywords for Etsy search engine. The first 40 characters in your title listing are most important on both Etsy and Google. You have 140 characters to fill in for your products title, but the first 40 are important. Etsy ranks the first 40 characters in your title as most relevant. Although, when your thumbnail is found under Etsy search engine your customers only see a snippet of your title, not all 140 characters unless they click to view your listing. You want to list the most popular keywords at the beginning of your title. Those first few characters give you a higher chance of being ranked and found on Etsy.


Here is an example below, of one of my Gift Bags product listing which I have include popular keywords for the first 40 characters of my listing titles buyers would search for gift bags according to my SEO research:


3. Listing Details

a. Category

Etsy has hundreds of products listed by different stores and to help customer to identify or narrow down their search categories helps sort out each item accordingly  to keep it pretty straightforward as it appears. If you are selling personalized gift bags, then you probably want to select the category as Party Favors.

b. Craft Type

Is basically what the product or item listed can be used for, personalized gift bags can be use for “Party & gifting”.  Once you select the primary category for you product Etsy will create a suggested list of craft types your product may fall under and you can select up to 4 items.

c. Colors*

You have the option of selecting the primary color of your product or if it has multiple colors you can also suggest a secondary color as well. If you do not have multiple colors you can either select the primary as your overall product color and leave the secondary color as the default “choose secondary color”. Both are optional so you don’t have to filter your product for its specific color if it isn’t listed. But I highly suggest you select a color which comes close to your product because it increase your SEO chances of getting found on Etsy.

d. Holidays*

Choose a holiday where customers can find your product such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Kwanzaa, New Years, and other major holidays that are listed.

e. Materials*

You can choose the material used to make your product, glass, fabric, paper, metal, plastic, or wood but you can only select (1) material. If you have two or multiple materials to make your product choose the best one that makes up majority of your product. You can list additional material options under tags for ingredients.

f. Occasions*

Selecting (1) occasion your product can be given or used for Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, Housewarming, Engagement, and more special occasions are listed in this drop down menu.

g. Renewal Options

Renewal options are for products listed on Etsy which can be listed up to 4 months until your product sells out or automatic renewed as soon as they run out by Etsy each time for $0.20. Whether you choose the option to manual renew your item or automatically Etsy charges a small listing fee $0.20 each time an item is purchased or sold from your store.

h. Type

You are to identify whether the product type is a physical product that will be shipped to the customer or a digital items which are not shipped but instead downloaded by the buyer.


i. Description*

You want to be very descriptive of the item or product you are selling. Tell a story about the product and be creative about it. You want to provide as much information as your customer will need to know. Think about the information or questions you would ask before you purchased the product. Think of yourself in the buyers shoes, what information would persuade you to purchase the product. It can be feel of the product, the quality, the colors, length, what can the product be used for or why is your product better than the competition. Listing only the product name or small details can be easy, anyone can do that. But instead engage your audience and tell a narrative story about it. This is how you wheel the buyer in you can also tell about the packing details or what’s your processing time, shipping or delivery scale. If you think like a customer then you will know the story you can tell about your product. This section is very important because you want to make sure you include as much possible to lead your buyer in.


Be clear and have a detailed description of the product you have listed on Etsy.

j. Custom Orders

You can check the box if you want buyers to have the option to customized the product. This can be personalized name or color and so on.

k. Tags*

You can enter up to 13 tags for each product, but each word has to be no more than 20 characters long. Use all 13 because the more tags you have the higher chances you being filter by your tags. Think of your tags also as keywords. Remember I mentioned earlier you can enter other keywords for materials. There is also tags for materials if you have an item that is made of more than one type of material. Fill in the additional materials to make you product in this section you can add also up to 13 tags.



4. Use & Engage on Social Media

Using social media is a very useful tool when it comes to marketing your products. Social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter are very popular apps to promote your products. You can run promotional sales on Instagram by just posting information about your products. You can also simply just tweet (Twitter) or pin (Pinterest) an image or short message to your followers driven by an embed link to your product. Facebook has also be known small business to promote and engaged with their friends + family to share post relating to their products. So not only will you be sharing information about your products on social media, your followers can as well repost the information to their followers which drives more traffic to your website or Etsy shop.


5. Blog about your Etsy Shop

Creating a blog or building your website around your business is another way to navigate traffic to your store. Writing post related to your products or telling stories based around your business is a way to engaged your potential customers. You might have a sale you can post about or even a giveaway your hosting. People may search for hand lettering worksheets and you will have a post relating to your product using a link to redirect that potential customer to your store. They just might not only be interested in hand lettering and this also gives them an idea of other products you have available in your Etsy shop.


If you want to start a blog or looking for a web host for your blog. I recommend you using SiteGround. They have flexible hosting plans which starting from $3.95 per month. They have 99.99% uptime, which the also guarantee you will never experience more than 0.1% downtime. WordPress.org is also included. Plus, they have excellent customer support team available to you 24/7 on the phone, chat, or email. Find out more here.






6. Product Photography | Camera Phone | Tips

Product photography is so important and I want to share some important reasons why its important. Writing a great description or story behind your product is important, but having the right images of your product matters the most to drive sales on Etsy. You can have a well written description of your product with horrible images such as bad lighting or blurry images where you cannot see the item very clear can drive customers away of having any interest in the product. How often do you shop online and buy a product that does not appear in the images as it described. It’s basically poor advertising because horrible images of your products can be misleading your images do not appear to be as charming in your photos. Having great quality photos for your products is important for when you list items on Etsy. It’s the first thing your potential customers see before they view the product itself. So you want to have great photos. You can have professional photography or own a DSLR camera of your own to take your pictures of your products. Camera Phones whether you own an Android or iPhone they both work just as well like an actual camera.

Photography Tip 1: Natural lighting is your best friend! Because it gives balance tone to your images and you can easily edit your photos if needed. When taking product photography I highly recommend taking your products next to a window or outdoor where you can get good lighting for your products.

Photography Tip 2: Flat lay styling is very popular for product photography. Flat lay means styling simply means shooting arranging items on your desk or any flat surface taking pictures. The below image was taken with my iPhone and styled with various textures or items along with my product – “I Said Yes!” sign. You can use almost anything to flay lay your photos. Office accessories, food, jewelry, cosmetic, clothes or just about anything to fit your niche or tell the story about your product. It’s something fun yet challenging at first, but something you can quickly do once you get the hang of it. You can find flat lay inspiration on Pinterest. I’ve created a Pinterest board here.



Here are some suggested top of the line DSLR cameras for product photography

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera with 18-55mm

Nikon CoolPix B500 Digital Camera 

7. Branding Your Shop

Branding is an essential part to your business. A strong brand targets potential customers, it also shows your customers that you are professional and well established.

Make your shop stand out by adding a logo or image relating to your brand in your profile.


There is also a place in your shop you can add a brand banner which is located right about your store name and profile image. This is the first thing your potential customers will see. Create a banner using software/apps like  Adobe Photoshop or Canva for your Etsy banner. You can also search within Etsy for pre-made banners that are less expensive where are already designed and come in bundles for your banner, profile picture, picture listing (Reserved, Custom), or Thank you images.


Below is a picture of my Etsy banner which I customized myself by using Adobe Photoshop. I’ve incorporated products that are sold in my shop or related to my brand. I have also included my brand colors which are lavender blush and blush in the background of the products pictured below. Something quite simple but makes a statement about what items I sale in my Etsy shop.



8. Thank you notes | Discounts

A simple thank you note to your customer is very important. I also find it personal addressing my Thank You notes with the customers first name. It shows you value your customer for doing business and you appreciate them as a person more than a customer getting making a purchase.

offering a discount such as 10% off their next purchase is a great way to welcome your customer back to your shop. Just something little can keep loyal customers and that one customer bring in other potential customers.

You can also customized listing for discounts or FREE SHIPPING.

Etsy has a coupon or discount section where you can customize coupon codes you can send to your customers or include them in your thank you notes.

Under your shop manager, find Marketing -> Sales and Coupons




Sales and Coupons: Create special offers or discount codes for your customers. You can also send out coupons to abandoned cart shoppers or recently favorite items in your store for potential customers.



9. Featured Listings

Etsy allows you to feature up to 4 products in your store. This is really cool can you can select your best-selling products to be viewed by potential buyers.  Under your listings select “Listing Status” the sidebar to the right of your screen select “Active”.  There is a star located under each listing as below highlighted. These are my four featured listing I have highlighted potential buyers will notice first when they come to my store. They are listed right below your profile image and shop name or right above your shop announcements.




Top four featured products under LoveTis’True shop



10. Ask “kindly” for a Review


Normally before you purchase something do you check for the product reviews. Probably so, because you want to know what other customers experience was like shopping at the store or buying a particular product. Getting good reviews also generate good sales and target potential customers. All you have to do is send a simple message, as mentioned above in Thank You note about how you appreciate your customer shopping at your store. Then, kindly ask if the customer could leave a review.

Sample of using a Thank you note to kindly ask for a review,


“Hi, “Name”

Thank you for your recent purchase at “shop name”! I appreciate you shopping small business.

I hope you like … “product name”.  If you have any issues upon receipt please do not hesitate

to contact me at “email address or shop”.

If you can kindly leave a review about your experience at “shop name”. Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Your Name


It’s something very simple yet professional.

Etsy allows customer to rate their experience based on stars. A customer can rate your store anywhere between 1 – 5 stars. 1 being the lowest and 5 highest rated. Based on your reviews Etsy well rate your average review as shown below. The customer is also able to provide a detailed description of their experience or the product they received.



11. Promote Your Shop

Shopping on Etsy can be competitive at times. If you want your shop to stand out promote your listing will help drive in sales or potential customers. Rather than doing it via social media for instance on Facebook or Instagram promote, you can easily setup one particular product listed in your shop for Etsy to promote. You can set a daily budget for advertising under “Promoted Listings” from $1 to the maximum $10. Make you slide the marker to so it will show on as below. You can also automatically have advertising setup for each new listing you create.



12. Network | Collaborate

Working with other Etsy shop owners is another way to get notice on Etsy and drive sales. Just remember to stay within your niche and connect with Etsy shop owners who have a similar audience or customers. You can also network or collaborate in a product giveaway on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.


Ok, I wanna open a Etsy Shop.

Use the link here to open your shop and you will get your first 40 listings for FREE.


Etsy books you make like

Remember, knowing who your audience, connecting with your audience, and presenting great content to your audience is having an effective plan in place to turning your potential customers into loyal customers.

The best way to get your products notice in your Etsy shop is making sure you have a strong brand to generate more sales.

Now tell me,

What’s your favorite tip? Which one will help your Etsy shop generate sales?


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