How To Create Watercolor Lettering Using Tombow Dual Brush Pens

AnetriaJune 5, 2018

Do you want to learn a fun technique on how to create watercolor lettering using Tombow Dual Brush Pens?

I’ve created some basic instructions on how you can turn your lettering into watercolor  You will only require a few materials as listed below if you don’t already have the supplies I’ve used.

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Supplies & Materials: 

Grumbacher Mixed Media In & Out Pages (50 sheets)

Pentel Aquash Water Brush (Medium)

Tombow Dual Brush Pens: No.133 | No.725 | No.850 | No.452



You will need two colors, one light color and one dark color. Below for this tutorial I will be using  Tombow Dual Brush Pens

(1) N133 & N725  (2) N850 & N452

Why do I need one light color and one dark color?

I will use both colors to create a blending technique which will be show in the examples discussed below.



You will also need the Pentel Aquash Water Brush. I’m using the medium brush for this tutorial.

You will need to unscrew the barrel and add water to your Pentel Aquash Water Brush.

Screw the brush back onto the barrel until its locked.



First, hand lettered the word “joy” or your word of choice in the light color N133 on to your mixed media notepad.



Next, you will use your Tombow Dual Brush Pen N725 to create a blending technique.




Using your dark color Tombow Dual Brush pen, N725 you want to randomly brush small areas of your word like shown in the images below.

Please not it doesn’t matter where you place the small highlighted areas.







Next, you are going to use your Pentel Aquash Water Brush to blend in the dark color in your lettered word.

Before you begin you want to slightly squeeze the barrel of your aquash water brush.

Using a little pressure so the water will flow into the tip of your aquash brush.

Do not squeeze to hard are you will have a over saturated brush tip and your brush tip will start to drip with water.


Using your aquash water brush start blending the darker color into your lighter color.



Notice how the lighter color is overshadowed by the lighter color. This is the watercolor effect we want to create.

Keeping blending the color in throughout in the highlighted areas of your lettered word. You will see in the end how the two blend together.




Once you’ve blended both colors together your word should look similar in the image below. Do you see the watercolor effect in the word joy?

It doesn’t have to look perfect. It’s okay that the darker color did not blend within the green area of your lettering.

Watercolor isn’t perfect, that’s what makes the beauty of it.



Here is another example using Tombow Dual Brush colors N850 & N452.

You can use this technique with all Tombow Dual Brush color pens. Blending your favorite colors together to create this watercolor lettering effect.


Now it’s your turn, try using two other colors using this technique.

I hope this information was helpful to follow. Please let me know if you have any questions below.


With love & purpose,




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