There’s Smoke In The House – Life Application

AnetriaNovember 9, 2018

There’s smoke in the house! How many of you have ever burned toast in the toaster before. It doesn’t smell pleasant at all. Not only does the smoke smell horribly in the kitchen, but odor spreads quickly throughout the whole house. So how do you get rid of it? Typically, you would go look for the air freshener to eliminate the smell. Some may even open a window near by to air out the smoke. Letting out the air through a window will simply circulate the smoke out. Using air freshener will easily eliminate the odor. But both work just about the same. 

Many times in our lives we feel disappointment, hurt, fear, or anger about things in our lives that burden us like smoke. Instead of eliminating the “odor” or “smoke” we suppress what we feel and allow those emotions to cloud us up. Instead of talking or eliminating those feelings we cover them up. We walk around with a smile on our faces trying to “fake it til we make it”! Yet on the inside we are torn and a mess. We can’t keep up a fake smile for very long because those same feelings can manifest into something more overbearing and eventually we will start to reflect the way we think or behave. That’s called stinking thinking!

Unless we let go, Let God do His good work on the inside of us and get to the “heart” of the issue. Our house (bodies) will continue to smell like smoke and consume us. 

Those feeling you have been feeling, hurt, broken, unlovable, angry. God will give you peace and healing because he cares about you. You have to just completely give it all to GOD! Trust him and don’t worry. Pray about everything and make your request (needs) known to God. Thank him for all he has done.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Be encouraged! 

With love & purpose,


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