Amazon Favorites: Lettering Edition, Vol. 1

AnetriaNovember 25, 2018

You can find just about anything on Amazon these days. So I wanted to do an Amazon Lettering Edition of my favorite supplies found on Amazon. What’s so awesome about shopping on Amazon is being a Amazon Prime member. You can enjoy all the perks that come with your membership. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years now. I only pay $14.06 per month, tax included so about ($12.99 per month, $155.88/yr.) my membership includes, FREE + FAST SHIPPING (2 day delivery guaranteed), movies, videos, discounts, podcast, deals and so much more. Amazon has never disappointed me since I’ve been a member. I joined because they find the best deals + who can past up FREE SHIPPING!

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With that said, if you are a member, kudos to you! I wanted to find the best hand lettering supplies for you on Amazon. So I created a ideal list you can find under that will save you your precious time to do the research yourself. You can find a list of my Amazon Favorites: Lettering Edition, Vol. 1 picks below. All the supplies listed can also be found under my Amazon storefront.

Zebra’s Midliner Double Ended Soft Mild Colors are so pretty to me! I love that most of the colors are a soft tone and the tips are firm. I prefer brush tips that have firm tips than flimsy. Zebra Mildliner are packed 15 count. Available in 10 subtle hues: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Blue, Violet, Pink, and Grey. 

Found on Amazon for: $16.99 and if you are a Prime member that will include FREE SHIPPING (up to 2 days).

VersaChalk markers new Metallic Chalk markers are new to their chalk marker line. They come in either 8 pack in 3mm fine or 5mm chisel tip. They come in 8 metallic colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, and Silver. My favorite color out of these is the purple! For anyone who knows me, knows my favorite color is purple. Its so bright and beautiful! All the other colors are also beautiful in their unique way. 

I found their 8 pack on Amazon for $16.99 which they also are certified for Prime Members for FREE + FAST SHIPPING. 

Ranger LetterIt Medium Pen is used for embossing powder. I’m so glad Ranger came out with this LetterIt pen. It comes in two size clear tips: fine and medium.

LetterIt pen kind of reminds me of their EmbossIt pen but this one is 10x better. All jokes aside! But seriously, I have almost over 10+ of their EmbossIt pen which I used for business purpose for embossing gifts bags with names. I always had trouble with their EmbossIt pen because it would dry out too quickly. I always made sure I secured the cap on EmbossIt pen, but that did not stop if from drying out. BUT, their LetterIT Medium Pen is a life saver. I’ve used LetterIT pen to emboss some gift bags and drying out has not been a issue. It works like a charm! I guess 10 times was the charm for this one. 

Found on Amazon, $5.99 & Free Shipping, you are not a Prime Member* you qualify from this sellers free shipping. So grab it before this changes!

I’m a super fan for finding the best brush pens! The Zebra Extra Fine Brush you would not be disappointed to get. It has a fine extra tip, black ink. I used this one very often as I do my Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens. They are quit similar in ways. But, I started using this one way more than my Tombows lately. The body is just about a little thicker than the TF. 

Found on Amazon for: $4.99 + FREE SHIPPING. This is another non-prime member for free shipping*. 

Okay, this one is for all you chalk lettering artist! You want to have this one in your hands. The Stabilo White colored pencil is used for outlining or drafting your work before you actually use your chalk markers. I’m a super fan of this pencil because you can easily trace over it. Also, if you love doing wedding seating charts you want to have this one for sure because you will need to it to create those guidelines for the guest names on the mirror. Whats magical about the Stabilo is that you can easy wipe it off from any surface. 

Found on Amazon: $14.99 for pack of 12, FREE SHIPPING included. Also for non-prime members*. 

Tombow Fudenosuke, I’ve used this brand and pens for almost 4 years now. These pens have elevated my lettering styles in so many ways. This is my go to pen because its very easy to letter with and use. There are two styles of TF the blue body is the hard tip and the black body is the soft tip. My favorite out of both is the hard tip because I am heavy handed of course, plus every now and then I get a little shaky. But I use these pens even when I’m not lettering. 

Found on Amazon: $4.88 + FREE SHIPPING, for both Prime & Non-Prime* members. 

Neenah Cardstock is the best I’ve used so far. Its inexpensive and it has a slight heavy weight to it. This pack 8.5 x 11 size, 250 sheets, 11lb/119 g/m. I used this all the time for my foiling projects. This pack is white color only. 

Found on Amazon: $7.81 + FREE SHIPPING

I’m alway asked what hand lettering paper would I recommend for brush letters. Canson Marker hands down! The texture of this paper pad is very soft and it’s safe, perfect for your brush pens. Especially if you are using brush pens like Tombow Dual Brush pens which has an very soft brush end tip which is delicate. Which I mean you can easily rip or cause the fibers in your brush to look rough because they don’t do very well on copy or printer paper. So to keep the longevity of your Tombow Dual Brush pens I highly recommend you using Canson Marker paper. This paper also works well with just about any brush lettering pen. 

Found on Amazon: $12.89 + FREE SHIPPING

Pentel Aqua Brush is so fun to use for watercolor lettering. The Pentel Aqua Brush comes in 3 tips, fine, medium & large but I only have pictured the fine tip. You can use it for almost any watercolor effect, acrylic or oil based paints and ink. The tube can be filled with either ink, paint or water. How versatile is that to have a water brush you can used for multiple projects.

Found on Amazon: $5.40 + FREE SHIPPING, non-prime members*

And if you are hand lettering and used different mediums, pens, inks, or colors. You want to have the Grumbacher Mixed Media pad. I love that the pages you can easily tear out. This pad includes 50 white sheets, 90lb, 7×10” paper size. From watercolor to ink pens you can use for all your lettering projects or artwork. 

Found on Amazon: $13.95 + FREE SHIPPING, non-members*

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my favorite Amazon Lettering Edition, Vol. 1 finds. I want to keep this going because there is always some new lettering pen or tool to find. So stay tuned for more! 

*Non-members, not Amazon Prime Members finds above noted for free shipping is subject to change based on the sellers discretion. Prices, shipping are based upon my Amazon Prime Membership.

Happy Lettering!

With love & purpose,


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