Brush Lettering Practice Worksheets

AnetriaApril 17, 2019

Calling newbies or beginners these worksheets are for you! Do you find it challenging using your Tombow Brush Pens or Crayola Markers for lettering? I know when I first started using my Tombow Brush Pens, having to learn pen control when or not to apply pressure wasn’t the easiest. Well these worksheets will help you learn some simple basic strokes to get you get started on your lettering journey.

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Supplies* recommend for this worksheet: Tombow Dual Brush pens or Crayola Markers. Paper recommendation for printing out the worksheets is HP Premium Laser Jet paper.

Worksheets available HERE

*Please note any large brush pen with a wide and thin tip should work the same.

First, learning the basics to brush lettering is important. I’ve introduce you to the top three brush strokes which are included in this worksheet.

+ Up stroke

+ Down stroke

+ Overturn stroke

For more brush lettering strokes check out “How To Do Brush Lettering: I’m A Newbie, Teach Me!”

Brush Lettering, Practice Drills

Once you’ve got the basics to brush lettering your just one step away from creating your own unique lettering style.

Brush Lettering, Practice entrance stroke (lowercase letters) to form and connect letters

Next, once you are comfortable with brush lettering basic strokes, you can begin forming letters. I’ll take you from a-z in my brush lettering worksheets. This is my personal lettering style that I have developed on my own.

Brush Lettering, Alphabet Drill

Here is a simple Alphabet Drill where you can connect the letters of the alphabet. Something fun, but easy once you learn how to letter form each letter in the alphabet.

Brush Lettering, Uppercase Letters

Introducing my personal brush lettering style of uppercase letters or capitals. If you ever notice on Instagram each brush lettering artist is unique and different with their own style. There is no right or wrong on what particular style you want your letters to look. I myself, have created a simple brush lettering style that has been very popular when I used to do gift bags for my wedding clients.

Brush Lettering using Sharpie Metallic Paint Pen on paper gift bags.

Some of my letters have change as you can see the “E” in Emily on the pink gift bag vs how I formed the “E” on my brush lettering worksheets. It just shows you how in your journey your lettering style is always evolving.

If you notice on my Instagram, how my lettering style was before I began my brush lettering. It looks totally different then what it was in the past vs today.

Brush Lettering, Practice Words

So now you’ve learned how to form your letters. There are some practice words I’ve included to give you the very idea of how to connect or form words.

Now take everything you have learned previous and put it all together. Learning brush lettering takes a lot of practice. It’s no overnight skill. But as you continue to practice more you will see your improvement over time.

“It’s okay to grow slow.”

If you purchase my brush lettering worksheets, please share your work on Instagram and tag me @lovetistrue for a chance to be featured.

Happy Lettering!

With love & purpose,

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