FREEBIE: Wallpaper Lock Screen or Screensaver

AnetriaMay 2, 2019

Do you pay attention to how much you have grown? Spiritual growth, Physical growth, Mental growth, or Emotional Growth. What areas in your life have grown? Do you think about how much you have grown since last year? Do you take the time to focus on those specific areas in your life that need improvement or have grown?

It’s like a self-evaluation. Think of it as you are at work and your boss gives you your annual performance of how well you performed last year in your position. It is important to you to take some time to self-evaluate the growth in your life? For one, it encourages you to keep growing and improving those areas are in your life. And, its motivating you to stay focus on how well you are doing for your mental, spiritual, and physical sake.

Take sometime or day from your week to self-evaluate the growth in your life. Growth doesn’t’ necessarily have to be something big. It can be something small. Small victories are important too. So celebrate whether you have grown in little ways or big ways.

“You have grown so much since last year” – Morgan Harper Nicholas

Here is a FREEBIE wallpaper for your phone lock screen.


With love & purpose,

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