How To Find Ways To Stop Being Busy All The Time

AnetriaMay 15, 2019

Why does life have to seem busy all the time? When our schedules are jammed packed with things to do at home vs work. We begin to feel the pressures of everything because there is so much to be done.

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So, STOP being busy all the time!

I’m going to share some tips on how you can take the load of busy off your schedule. 

Everything we do is a choice. Does not mean that everything has to be done in one setting or day. We do not have 24 hours in one day to get everything done. We have 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year, and 8,760 hours in a year. Think about it! That’s a lot more hours in a year than it is in one day. So, I think we can all agree we have enough time to use wisely or spread out our daily activities. I’m here to share with you “How To Find Ways To Stop Being Busy All The Time”. 

“Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.” 

Take time away from social media.

Social media consumes the majority of us. You can easily go on Instagram and scroll to look at pictures and not have a clue how much time you spend on there just by scrolling. So think about how much time do you spend on social media per day? Honestly, I did not get really into social media until I started my business. I use it majority of the time to market my business. And sometimes that alone can take some time just to prepare post, write up captions, and so on. Other times I use it for personal reasons to just check on friends, encouragement or entertainment. How can you not go on social media without coming across a hilarious meme? I know I can’t but, we all have our own reasons of why we use social media. 

So how often to you take time away from social media or a break? In the past, I have take short breaks such as a few days or even longer breaks such as a month. I use that time to focus on other things such as using the time I would use social media for something else like spending more time with family or creating things for my business behind the scenes. Taking a break for social media is good! I know some people feel as if you will miss something if you take a break or take time away but that’s okay too. Social media should not consume our lives from our family, friends, work, school, and so on. If it does thats when it can become unhealthy. If you’re not spending time with your family and on social media than you missing out on personal time with your love ones such as your spouse or kids. The same for spending time with friends — having intimate conversations with others verse using a computer screen or phone to communicate. If you are on social media at work majority of the times how are you getting your work done or meeting your goal tasks. Same as not spending time to study for a school exam or doing homework. It all makes sense because if you are spending so much time on social media verse things you need to get done. That time you spent scrolling on social media could have been time spent getting things done. 

If you own a iPhone there is a feature now where you can monitor your screen time for social media. You can also monitor which apps you use or spend the most time on your phone. I think this is such a cool feature to know how your time is being spent. Time is so valuable these days and if were not paying attention to how well we spend it. We lose track of reality and what is important to us.

“Just put your phone down!”

Plan out your schedule for the day (or week)

Keeping a schedule or a calendar is useful when it comes to planning your day or week. It does not mean that everything will go as plan, but you will have an idea of what you can tackle or do in your day if you write it down verses trying to remember a million things that need to be done. 

Here are some ways you can schedule your day or week:

  • Use a calendar or planner 
  • Use your phone or set an reminder on your phone
  • Make a “To Do list” of your top 3-5 things

These are some simple unique ways you can plan our your daily activities or schedule. I use a calendar all the times on my computer to schedule out bills or budget. It has been so helpful to me to have a projected outlook of what bills or due in the near future. I don’t have to stress out or be surprise about bills I wasn’t aware of that hit on certain days of the week. 

My phone has access to my computer calendar so it works like a charm that I can update one location vs the other and the information will be set in both locations. 

To Do list can get really long. So, I find it easy to just list your top 3-5 things that need to be done for the day. You just have to know what is priority and what is not. So you list your most important things to be done first. And if there is still enough time in your day you can always add 1-2 other things afterwards. But don’t overdo or work yourself on getting things that require a substantial amount of time to get done. Just take one thing at a time and plan it accordingly. If it doesn’t get done today there is always another day to complete it. 

Learn to say, “No!”

How hard is it to say, “No!”? I had to learn this one a few years ago that it’s ok to say, “No!” sometimes. Anybody else a people pleaser? This use to be me not wanting to let others down and always being ready and available to others when they called on me. Well let me tell you one day I felt the pressure of always saying “Yes!” all the time and it mentally took a toll on me mentally and physically. Its not healthy at all. Especially, feeling as if you have to meet everyone else’s needs before your owns. Learn when to say, ‘No’! I promise you it is not the end of the world. You do not have to agree to do everything. We are not built physically or mentally to be here and there or do this and that at every given time. If you don’t learn to say, “No!” it will mentally and physically drain you. 

If you know you do not have the time or strength to take on a new task, just say, “No!”. Kindly, decline that you are not able to do it at this time. You have to learn how to balance when to take on things and when not to take on things. If there is no balance you will later feel the pressures of “busy” [there goes that word]. Always running on empty and not anymore to give. Trust me, I’ve been there I know what its like to take on too much that you can barely think or operate. So just, say, “No!” next time you feel as if you already have enough on your plate. It’s okay to say, “No!”. 

Make time for yourself.

Making time for yourself is essential to self-care. You cannot always take care of everyone else without taking care of your own self. If you don’t make time for yourself sometimes you can lose interest or passion in what you do for others. Take a least 15-20 minutes to yourself per day just to focus and do something for you. You can take a walk outside. Read a book. Meditate. Do some yoga or exercise. Make or cook your favorite sweet or dessert. Do something creative like drawing or fun DIY you’ve always wanted to try. There are so many things that you can enjoy to take time for yourself. I promise you’ll not regret a moment of it.

#TEAMWORK: Delegate your work!

#TEAMWORK! There is no ‘I’ in Team! Who’s heard that catch phrase before? But, it’s true. If you have so much to do on your schedule that needs to be done. Then try delegating some of your work or having someone you trust is reliable to get the job done. 

It can be as easy as someone running a errand for you to make a mail drop off at your local post office. Someone to take calls while you are away from the office and working on a urgent project. The non-tedious task of delegating your work can be very helpful to you not worrying over or take the focus away from what needs to be done. 

My mom has been very helpful to me and my business. When I need to urgently work on a order I will ask her could she watch my little one while I work. My husband has been helpful as well dropping off orders at the post office for me. It’s just the little and simple task that you know can easily be done that you can ask for help for. Every little bit of help is worth it when you are trying to get things done. 

“We don’t have to do it all.”

Stop making excuses!

Don’t make excuses for why you are busy? Life should not or does not have to be busy all the time. If you reflect on the other points above such as taking breaks, plan out your schedule list only a small To Do list, or learning to say, “No!” then you do not have to be busy all the time. When you do not have time to enjoy life or spend time with the ones your care about most and love because you are busy all the time. That’s simply nothing but an excuse. 

You choose to be busy its not handed to you. That’s why you have to create a balanced work schedule. Knowing when to work and when to stop working. Don’t fall for the busy excuse. Make time and adjust your schedule. There are way too many hours or days in the year to always say you’re not able to do something because you are busy. If you find yourself always busy and not able to do something, then sometimes you can miss out on things such as spending time with love ones or enjoying other things in life. So no more excuses, make time and schedule it. 


The importance of slowing down is finding REST. Why do we need rest? Resting is just as important as working. Resting allows you to restore lost energy, strength you mentally and physically. If you are in overdrive all the time and not resting you will crash and burn out. Have you ever felt burn out from doing something? That’s because you need to rest. Give yourself a break time to retreat and build your endurance up again. 

That’s why having a good sleep schedule is also important. Same thing applies is your body needs the energy to recharge. Less sleep can affect the way your think or even behave. Not enough sleep can affect you also physically. You can feel weak or health problems can occur such as getting sick. Getting rest is important for your health and well-being. Sometimes we can get busy with doing so much our own bodies will begin to shutdown because we have taken the time to REST. Learn to REST and make time to REST when needed. Don’t push yourself to keep going when you need to take a break. Take a break from work or a task even if it is 15 minutes or so. Make sure you getting enough sleep per day so you don’t become restless of working or doing tasks. REST, REST, REST!

Do you think having a schedule works in your case? Which of these do you use and how have the helped you when life gets busy? Let me know in the comments below. 

With love & purpose,

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