Over a YEAR since I last Blogged?

AnetriaNovember 19, 2020

Where have you been?

Why aren’t you blogging as much?

What’s new or what do you have to share? Any Freebies?


I haven’t put aside anytime to blog.

We are living in a new normal, being at home most of the time so my roles sort of shifted since I’ve been away. Yes, I have content and freebies I would like to share with you.

Sorry, y’all life has been distant lately. I’m sure we all know where I’m going with this one. Social distancing, working from home (which I’ve been doing before), home school, and how to live during a pandemic. It’s our new normal right? I don’t want to go off talking about it because this year in a whole has been a roller coaster ride.

I want to bring some good news and content to share with you for my upcoming posts. Just to give you heads up on what’s to come. I will be bringing more tutorial post: How to do a Flat Lay, How to Do Bouncy Lettering, How to Make… and so on. Oh and something else new, I’ve feel for TikTok world so you can find me over there sharing content as well. Find me here below:

Follow Me on TikTok

I’ve been sharing videos of what I love hand lettering, my business, and encouragement. If you find me comment “Blog Post” on one of my videos and I’ll follow back!

I’ll be sharing a tutorial post with my subscribers soon so if you haven’t join my mailing list make sure you sign up to keep posted of blog post updates.

Until we meet again have a safe and blessed week.

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