Anetria began her hand lettering journey January 2016 which started off as a fun hobby. Anetria is a self-taught hand lettering & modern calligrapher. Her journey was inspired by the Instagram lettering community. She enjoys inspiring others through her own personal lettering style writing bible scriptures, quotes and occasionally drawing art or doodles.

Anetria is also founder operates her hand lettering business on Etsy, selling handmade products such as mugs, apparel, home decor, greeting cards, prints, and more. LoveTis’True only ships in the United States and Canada. 

What inspired your name LoveTis’True?

Anetria business name was created and inspired by her faith. She believes in purpose and her spiritual gift given by God, to “create” and encourage others to seek His Kingdom. LoveTis’True was formed to reflect God’s “love” (John 3:16) and how faithful and “true” God’s Word.

His love is true.  LoveTis’True

Anetria is a stay at home mom, entrepreneur and enjoys reading and studying her Bible in her quiet moments. She is a “homebody” at heart, introvert that cherish nurturing her family. Anetria and her husband Milton currently reside in Houston, Texas.