Hi, glad you are here and welcome!

I’ve created this space to share with you content related to hand lettering or calligraphy. I enjoy sharing information and I think sharing not only caring, but also very helpful to others. I know what it was like when I started my journey, but with community and friends I am very grateful for them supporting me along the way. Having a support system or someone you can share information with is always needed no matter what you are learning. Think of me as one of your cheerleader, cheering you on along the way. Yay! (raise pom-pom)

Now I did not get where I am today overnight. It takes being determined and persistence. Not giving up! Not comparing your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 20. It takes believing in yourself and doing the work. Practice is the key! And to be honest I have been practicing ever since I started. You will constantly learn new things and grow. As I mentioned comparing your work with someone else’s work is not fun. It’s okay, to feel inspired by someone else work, but comparing your work does not make your work any less than theres. Everyone has a beginning. They had to start from chapter 1 too. But remaining focus and inspired by where you are is what adds value to your work. Embracing every part of your journey. You may see something and tell yourself, “oh I can do that!” I’m not sure if I’m alone when I say this, but I do it all the time. Especially, when I see those cute hand lettering signs at Hobby Lobby. So can YOU!

I want you to feel welcomed here. I want to also help you to the best of my ability. Everything I share with you is based on my journey or what I have learned or felt inspired by. If there is something that I have misquoted or incorrectly said. Please do not hesitate to send me an email or note. I am available via email: hello@lovetistrue.com. This is a place where you can also find honesty, encouragement, and inspiration. Be sure to follow along by signing up for Love Letter Club right below for more updates on helpful information and free goodies sent right to your mailbox. Sign up today and receive my FREE Lowercase Alphabet Practice worksheets. I hope you find yourself here inspired and eager to learn more about hand lettering or calligraphy.

Have a wonderful journey,