Brown & Tan - Bible Tabs
Brown & Tan - Bible Tabs

Brown & Tan - Bible Tabs

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Bible Tabs: 66 books Including a set of 13 blank tabs in my personal handwriting. Included optional Bible tab guide for placement

Tabs size: 1' x .5' inches

Vinyl sticker Bible tabs (laminated) sheet & Water Resistant, easy to apply just peel and stick each tab to your Bible books. These tabs are mini and made for standard size Bible 8'' inches (length) x 5'' inches (wide) with 0.4-inch margins. Includes blank tabs for your personal use to write suggest using a permanent sharpie on laminated blank tabs.

*Note if you need to lift your tab to align it correctly, please gently remove it before you secure down in place or seal it to the opposite side of the page. You can still remove it gently before securing it down depending on your Bible paper or type.

Handmade Bible stickers are hand-lettered, print, cut, and laminated by hand.

Made 100% in the USA.

2021. LoveTis'True Calligraphy & Designs. All text, images, and designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied, duplicated, or resold.