How to create space for the things we love and have peace

We all create space for the things we love and have peace. The space I created for love and peace is our home. My family spends most of the time in our home —in the living room. “For where your treasure is, your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21. There isn’t a day that goes by where there is not anything on the floor or something is out of place. It’s a season we’ve been trying to conquer for quite sometime, but  we try not to stress too much over it. Because it’s just a season. I’ve learned not to spend too much energy getting frustrated or discouraged about it. Some days I am motivated to put things up and then there are some days I’ll just walk past those things. This is life in real time. No filters or editing, just a space I call home. 


Life does not have to look fixed all the time, because there are seasons in life where things fall apart or out of place. And God knows we don’t have it all together. This is just one of those days things are not in place. Behind these squares we show the world just a small glimpse of what looks good in our life. Hoping those who see what is good believe the distorted view of our overall life. When our lives overall should reflect the grace God gives us to restore the mess we created. Some of us believe what appears to look perfect or good defines our overall lives as being perfect, but life is not perfect. It’s not perfect, it’s not good if we don’t remember why God gave us a Savior who was and who is perfect and good because of His love for us. The peace God created for us to have with Him. Sometimes we struggle or get discouraged because we put so much expectations on what has to be done. When we prioritize our “To Do list” and tell ourselves everything has to be done. When we don’t get to check off everything on our “To Do list”, we are left feeling weary or defeated by those undone things. Then, we lose joy in these spaces where we spend most creating love and peace. 


Transform the way you think about the space you create for love and peace. It’s not what we see or what we check off “To Do”. Learn to find joy in the mess of your space where you create love and peace. When things fall out of place, always remember the purpose behind your space-“love and peace” and God will remind you of the “joy” that brought you there. Having “joy” is a choice to choose it daily and  “love” the space where you find “peace”. 


In Him








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