Hi! My name is Anetria (Ah-knee-tree-ah). I LOVE Jesus! I'm a self-taught hand lettering and modern calligraphy artist. I love using hand lettering to create goods to inspire, encourage others to seek their God given purpose.

Two things I want you to always remember when you purchase LoveTis'True products is God's LOVE & His PURPOSE for your life.

So why the name LoveTis’True?                                                                                                 

My hand lettering is a blessing from God, I love to “create” because my God is the Creator, and it is my purpose to share his beautiful works through the art of hand lettering. Through hand lettering I want to create product that will encourage, uplift, and inspire others through His word. LoveTis’True was formed by His “love” (John 3:16) and how faithful and “true” his love has always been.

God love is unconditional and His love is true.” – LoveTis’True