ABOUT - LoveTis'True Calligraphy & Designs


                                                                                                                 LoveTis’True was established in January 2016 what started as a hobby on Instagram later blossomed into something more meaningful. Anetria, founder of LoveTis’True started operating her business on Etsy, selling handmade personalized gifts bags & wedding calligraphy service for brides in the US and a few international countries such as Australia & United Kingdom. Her business now has grown & expanded from a range of products mugs, apparel, home decor, greeting cards, prints, and more. LoveTis’True now only services in the United States. 

So why the name LoveTis’True?                                                                                                 

Anetria is a self taught calligrapher, hand letterer. Anetria believes her gift is a blessing from God, to “create” by the Creator, and be a “good steward” of his Word. LoveTis’True was formed by His “love” (John 3:16) and how faithful and “true” his love is always. God love is (John 3:16). His love is unconditional and His love is true. LoveTis’True was created to reflect His love & great works.

“God love is unconditional and His love is true.” – LoveTis’True


Anetria is a stay at home mom and enjoys her time nurturing her family. Anetria and her husband Milton currently reside in Houston, Texas.