A Guide to Unlocking Bible Journaling with Stickers

A Guide to Unlocking Bible Journaling with Stickers

Did you know you can use stickers for Bible Journaling? 

Bible journaling is creating visual illustrations of scripture or bible verses in art form using hand lettering, designs, watercolor, acrylic paint, color pencils or other mediums to draw with to illuminate your bible study. 

There are so many creative ideas you create for Bible journaling. Here are some examples of my very own Bible Journal illustrations I've made in my Bible. The Bible that I'm using below is called illustrating Bible


Exodus 14:14 Sticker

Exodus 14:14 sticker


Proverbs 27:9 Sticker

Proverbs 27:9 sticker


Jesus Friends Edition Sticker Sheet, Bible Journaling

Jesus "Friends" Edition, Bible Stickers


Adding stickers to your Bible Journaling is a creative way of just adding a quick illustrations to your Bible pages. Check out my Sticker Collection which are my handmade designs.

Do you know I also have Bible Tabs? 

Bible Tabs are just another way to easily index through the Chapters in The Bible. Plus, they add a fun colorful touch to your Bibles pages. I have designed my very own in variety of colors from Watercolor, Rainbow, Butterflies, Lemons, Spring, Damask, and as well Neutral Bright or Dark tones.

Here are some of my popular ones,

Watercolor Mini Bible Tabs

Watercolor Mini Bible Tabs

Watercolor Mini Bible Tabs


Rainbow Mini Bible Tabs by LoveTis'True

Rainbow Mini Bible Tabs

These are my most popular in store and if you need an idea how they are placed on to your pages I have a tutorial you can find on my YouTube Channel @lovetistrue. I also include an instructions guide on how to place them as well. 


- Anetria, owner - LoveTis'True

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